Definitions for "Euchre "
Keywords:  trump, gtk, trick, defeat, challenge
Euchre is a spades or bridge-like card game played with four players . The game is played via a GTK+ interface and allows customization of the computer skill level, aggression level, and many of the other game parameters. There are three levels of AI skill . The medium and hard levels are good enough to give you a decent challenge.
This is my attempt at a Euchre game. It's written in C++, interface in GTK+ . There are three levels of AI, with the harder two being good enough to give you a pretty good challenge.
A game at cards, that may be played by two, three, or four persons, the highest card (except when an extra card called the Joker is used) being the knave of the same suit as the trump, and called right bower, the lowest card used being the seven, or frequently, in two-handed euchre, the nine spot. See Bower.
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