Definitions for "Formality"
The condition or quality of being formal, strictly ceremonious, precise, etc.
Compliance with formal or conventional rules; ceremony; conventionality.
An established order; conventional rule of procedure; usual method; habitual mode.
part of a system which opposes formality to informality (intimacy, familiarity), referring to the level of language appropriate to formal social situations; a stylistic feature.
A formality is an established procedure or set of specific behaviors and utterances, conceptually similar to a ritual although typically secular and less involved. A formality may be as simple as a handshake upon making new acquaintainces in Western culture to the carefully defined procedure of bows, handshakes, formal greetings, and business-card exchanges that may mark two businessmen being introduced in Japan. In legal and diplomatic circles, formalities include such matters as greeting an arriving head of state with the appropriate national anthem.
The quality which makes a thing what it is; essence.
The manner in which a thing is conceived or constituted by an act of human thinking; the result of such an act; as, animality and rationality are formalities.
The dress prescribed for any body of men, academical, municipal, or sacerdotal.
a requirement of etiquette or custom
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Form without substance.
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see register.
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That which is formal; the formal part.