Definitions for "Fever Pitch"
Keywords:  hornby, nick, o'neal, remake, ryan
a state of extreme excitement; "the crowd was at fever pitch"
Fever Pitch is the title of a 1992 book by British author Nick Hornby. The book is the basis for two films of the same name: a British film was released in 1997, and an American remake in 2005. There is also an unrelated 1985 movie Fever Pitch, starring Ryan O'Neal.
Fever Pitch is a 1985 movie starring Ryan O'Neal and directed by Richard Brooks. It was nominated for four Razzie Awards, including Worst Picture, as well as contributing to O'Neal's later Razzie nomination for Worst Actor of the Decade. (Fittingly, O'Neal was beaten by Sylvester Stallone: all four of the awards for which Fever Pitch was nominated were won by Stallone vehicles.)