Definitions for "Fatal error"
From Extensible Markup Language (XML) 1.1 ( 2004-02-04) An error which a conforming XML processorMUST detect and report to the application. After encountering a fatal error, the processor MAY continue processing the data to search for further errors and MAY report such errors to the application. In order to support correction of errors, the processor MAY make unprocessed data from the document (with intermingled character data and markup) available to the application. Once a fatal error is detected, however, the processor MUST NOT continue normal processing (i.e., it MUST NOT continue to pass character data and information about the document's logical structure to the application in the normal way).
An error that causes the system or application program to crash—that is, to fail abruptly with no hope of recovery.
an error that can cause the channel to hang
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Erreur fatale
this is when something goes wrong with an action a member, Admin or Mod attempted to perform. This will tell you what went wrong and is helpful for reporting problems encountered on boards at the BbSupport board.
a data integrity edit that checks to make sure that the right codes are used in the submission, to ensure that mandatory reporting requirements are met, and to check that value ranges are not exceeded
a grammatical or stylistic mistake that is so bad that a reader cannot understand
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See illegal operation.