Definitions for "exit strategy"
The way in which an investor plans to close out an investment. For example,...
The method by which an investor anticipates liquid... Add a comment
A fund's intended method for liquidating its holdings while attempting to achieve the maximum return possible. Typical exit strategies are wither an IPO or a trade sale to another company.
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a very similar thing -- many things can be learnt by observing the market
A document that presents future options for land owners, where there is no economic justification for the Environment Agency to continue maintaining the existing flood defences.
The planned exit of the owner from the business.
a critical element of any business plan
a plan for leaving the market as self-sufficient as possible after the tax credit is gone
means the arrangements by which a Provider manages its Customer base should it ceases to provide Services or Wholesale Services. In particular it refers to actions to be taken by the Provider to ensure that there is minimal negative impact on its Customers or resellers if it ceases to provide Services or Wholesale Services.
a means of escaping a very difficult situation