Definitions for "Enterprise Portal"
Keywords:  portal, erp, intranet, sap, siebel
Enterprise Information Portal See Information Portal and Intranet.
a portal for a company employees usage
The enterprise portal offers a Web-like solution to the problem of distributing business information, consolidating business intelligence objects (reports, documents, spreadsheets, data cubes, etc.) generated anywhere in the enterprise by any application and making them easily accessible, subject to security authorization, to non- technical users via standard browser technology.
an example of a product that supports user interaction integration
an example of a product that supports user interface integration
an integrated architecture and not a single application, which means it is neither feasible nor desirable to implement as one entity
a single point of entry to information across (and beyond) your organizati
a means to collating and disseminating this information in a automated, specific and relevant way
an interface for people to access and exchange information online
an online doorway into the business organization
a corporate gateway to information access and management