Definitions for "Emulsify"
To convert into an emulsion; to form an emulsion; to reduce from an oily substance to a milky fluid in which the fat globules are in a very finely divided state, giving it the semblance of solution; as, the pancreatic juice emulsifies the oily part of food.
To combine fats such as butter or oil with vinegar or citric juices into a smooth and even blend using an emulsifier such as an egg yolk which binds to each set of ingredients and prevents them from separating. Hollandaise is a classic emulsified sauce.
to disperse tiny globules of one liquid into another, such as oil in vinegar for salad dressing
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to break up into small pieces.
the process of breaking material into small pieces.
Keywords:  solution, form
form into or become an emulsion; "The solution emulsified"
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cause to become an emulsion; make into an emulsion