Definitions for "DRA"
a long chain hydrocarbon polymer injected into the oil to reduce the energy loss due to turbulence in the oil.
DRAG REDUCTION AGENT. A long-chain hydrocarbon polymer added to the flowing crude oil to reduce energy loss resulting from turbulence in the oil.
Demand Responsive Approach. A project development and management approach in which community members make informed choices about whether to participate in the project; which technology and service level options they are willing to pay for (based on the principle that more elaborate systems cost more); when and how services are delivered; how funds are managed and accounted for; and how services are operated and maintained. When a DRA is employed, government plays a facilitative role, sets clear national policies and strategies, encourages broad stakeholder consultation, and facilitates capacity building and learning. An enabling environment allows participation by a wide range of providers of goods, services, and technical assistance, including private sector companies and non-government organizations. An adequate flow of information is provided to the community, and procedures are adopted for facilitating collective action and decisionmaking within the community.
Direct Response Advertising. Advertising that incorporates a contact method such as a phone number, address or enquiry form, website identifier or email address, with the intention of encouraging the recipient to respond directly to the advertiser by requesting further information, placing an order, etc.
directed reading activity. a step-by-step process for presenting a reading lesson; developmental reading lesson, especially in the content fields. a reading lesson plan involving: a. preparation and motivation for reading. b. silent reading. c. vocabulary and skills development. d. silent or oral rereading. e. follow-up or culminating activities.
Disability Rights Advocates — the Berkeley, California-based law firm whose website you are reading
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Data Research Associates. The company which created the integrated online system used by the Library to access to local cataloging and circulation records. See: DRA home page.
Data Research Associates, the St. Lou is-based vendor of Dallas Public Library's automation system.
Defence Research Agency
Deficit Reduction Act
Domestic Relationships Act 1994 (ACT)
See Differential Reinforcement of Alternate Behaviors
A data recovery agent (DRA) is a user account that is configured for the recovery of encrypted files.
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Data Release Agreement
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Digital Rights Agency