Definitions for "Behaviors"
Keywords:  clientcaps, wierd, bert, msdn, comms
(note US spelling) a JavaScript extension which allows event handlers to be included in style definitions. Seems to extend to calling wierd functions. e.g. msdn: clientCaps Behavior BERT Bit Error Rate Test - performed by some comms data testers.
Activities that some entity (such as a car) is capable of performing. Also known as functions.
Activities of looking that include eye contact, directing gaze, sustaining fixation, and visual examination.
One of two criteria for classifying problems describing aspects of harm, intent, and offender-target relationships (see Environments) 15
The actions ascribed to virtual objects in a virtual environment.
The term "behaviors" refers to the observable behaviors that make up social communication. They are the verbal and nonverbal actions children exhibit when they are interacting with others in social situations. "Others" can be children or peers, and adults.