Definitions for "Domains"
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(US) (see also Host domain) The basic US domain types are: educational institutions (.edu), military site (.mil), government site (.gov), network administrative site (.net), commercial site (.com), non-profit organisation (.org), international treaty organisation (.int)
Areas in a magnetic alloy which have the same orientation. The magnetic domains are regions where the atomic moments of atoms cooperate and allow for a common magnetic moment. It is the domains which are rotated and manipulated by an external magnetizing field to create a useful magnet which has a net magnetic moment. In un-magnetized material the domains are un-oriented and cancel each other out. In this condition there is no net external field.
domain is a specific virtual area within the Internet, defined by the "top level" of the address or URL (Uniform Resource Locator). The top level is the end of the address; example: "". In this example, the top-level part of the domain is ".gov", indicating a US government entity. The "whitehouse" part is the second-level domain, indicating where within the ".gov" domain the information in question is to be found. Other common top-level domains include ".com", ".net", ".uk", etc.
The domains are distinct but interrelated areas of knowledge, skills and behaviours considered essential in the education and development of students within each of the three strands: Physical, Personal and Social Learning strand includes the four domains of Health and Physical Education; Personal Learning; Interpersonal Development; and Civics and Citizenship Discipline-based Learning strand includes the domains of the Arts; English; The Humanities : History, Geography and Economics; Languages Other Than English; Mathematics; and Science Interdisciplinary Learning strand includes the four domains of Communication; Design; Creativity and Technology; Information and Communications Technology; and Thinking Processes.
The broad areas of human development - intellectual, social, emotional, and physical - that influence learning.
Areas of activities and skills. Domains assessed by IASEP include information acquisition and use, personal adjustment, social adjustment, recreation & leisure, and vocational experience. Domains assessed by ECAS include sensory motor, communication, self-help, social, and cognitive.
a nationwide ISP offering comsumers
are the building blocks of a protein and are considered elementary units of molecular function.
sequences or regions in block copolymers.
Indicates whether the trademark or company can be supplied along with domains that go with it.
Hierarchical scheme for indicating logical and sometimes geographical venue of a web-page from the network.
Featured resources will relate to archives, libraries or museums. A resource may relate to all three
Domain is the bounded system and related systems which are critical to it.
a British Columbia based company that registers
registered domain name (with name server record)
Categories of teacher behaviors from the Florida Performance Measurement System.
a provider of world-class products at incredible prices
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a full featured domain website
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an example of a restrictive domain