Definitions for "Do Not Reduce"
Keywords:  dnr, dividend, instructs, gtc, stop
An instruction that informs the order handling personnel not to reduce the price of the order by the amount of dividends, if and when paid by the corporation. DNR is placed on buy limit, sell stop and sell stop limit GTC orders.
Instructions placed on buy limit orders or sell-stop orders that specifies not to adjust downward the limit price on buy-limit and sell-stop orders in response to dividends. When the DNR qualifier is not selected, your buy-limit and sell-stop orders are automatically adjusted on the ex-dividend date.
Instructs the broker not to reduce your limit price by the amount of the cash dividend when a stock goes ex-dividend and the market price is reduced by the amount of the dividend. You can specify DNR on Limit Orders to Buy, Stop Orders to Sell, or on Stop Limit Orders to Sell.