Definitions for "Discharged"
To relieve of obligation, responsibility, etc. Common term used in bankruptcy court to describe the process of eliminating debtor obligations.
A debt that a court declares no longer needs to be repaid due to bankruptcy. Alimony, child support, liability for willful and malicious conduct, and certain student loans cannot be discharged.
An order entered by the Bankruptcy Court discharging an individual debtor from claims and liabilities of creditors.
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Item has just been returned to the library but may not be on the shelf yet.
an item that has been returned within the last two days. It is likely back on its shelf or soon will be.
A storage cell when, as a result of delivering current, the plates are sulfated, the electrolyte is exhausted, and there is little or no potential difference between the terminals.
The removal of the charge in a capacitor by completing a circuit between the plates.
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released or dismissed.
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set free as from prison or duty
When a bankrupt person is legally free of any obligation to repay certain debts.
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having lost your job