Definitions for "Dime"
Keywords:  tenth, cent, dollar, coin, ten
A silver coin of the United States, of the value of ten cents; the tenth of a dollar.
Slang for one thousand dollars.
a United States coin worth one tenth of a dollar
irect nternet essage ncapsulation. Allows binary message encapsulation.
Direct Internet Message Encapsulation IETF draft spec – see also MTOM
a thrilling Northern California-set tale of cops and criminals and murder and retribution
Keywords:  tight, ezine, budget, tackles, fun
a free newsletter/ezine that is devoted to living right when the budget is tight
a fun, fast-paced design series that tackles home decorating projects on a very tight budget
Keywords:  crosby, bing, surprised, tell, folk
a traditional folk song, and are surprised when I tell them it was made famous by Bing Crosby
Dime (Spanish: Tell me) is the third Spanish album released by Christian rock band Guardian. The album was released in 2001.
situational pass defense featuring six defensive backs.
Similar to the nickel defense, but where the defense removes another linebacker or defensive lineman and replaces him with a sixth defensive back. Only used in obvious passing situations. Very similar to a prevent defense.
A 10-count domino, e.g., the six-four.
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a gram of shwag
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a gripping, compassionate novel from one of the brightest new talents in crime writing
Dimethyl cyclohexyl amine catalyst for polyurethane foam
Keywords:  corman, curious, fans, movies, read
a really good read for movie fans, Corman fans, and anyone else who is curious about the business of making movies
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Keywords:  basketball, assist
an assist in basketball
Keywords:  diego, shop, san, name
a the name of a shop in San Diego
Keywords:  marijuana, quantity, specific
Specific quantity of Marijuana
Keywords:  agp, ram, texture, execute, memory
DIrect Memory Execute; feature of the AGP which allows to use directly the system RAM to process the texture without transferring it to the local memory of the video card.
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Keywords:  revised, beans, version
a revised version of Not Just Beans
Keywords:  kids, teach, cook, great, resource
a great resource to teach kids to cook
Keywords:  cheques, dealer, slang, gaming
Dealer slang for 2 $5 gaming cheques.
Keywords:  chill, good, amount
a good amount to just chill
Keywords:  bigger, last, bit, month
a bit bigger than last month
Keywords:  dual, encoding, map, independent
Dual Independent Map Encoding