Definitions for "FANS"
Fans (also known as Faans or Fans!) is a webcomic by T Campbell, concerning the exploits of the Science Fiction Club of the fictional Billberg University (loosely based on William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia). Though starting out as ordinary fans of science fiction, fantasy, comics, and role-playing, the members of the club soon find themselves having to confront mad scientists, aliens, governmental conspiracies, time travel, and other adventures.
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Fans was an album by Malcolm Mc Laren. It is an attempt by McLaren to fuse opera and 80's R&B.
diminutive of Fanatic. The horde of wannabe players that follow the development of the game. You ;)
Exhaust fans, industrial fans, centrifugal fans, axial, industrial exhaust & portable fan manufacturers.
a longitudinal study of children, families, and neighborhoods in Los Angeles County, funded primarily by the National Institutes of Health
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Future Air Navigation Systems
Future Air Navigation System
Is the Funds Availability Notification System.
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See Free Account Net Settlement.