Definitions for "Cops"
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Office of Community-Oriented Policing Services
Federal grants awarded to support community policing programs and other law enforcement initiatives.
Community Oriented Policing Services, a program of the Department of Justice.
Acronym: Council of Progressive Students. The five COPS groups are student groups (including the Alliance) that are recognized by ASMSU and have voting seats. The also share the COPS resource center in the attic of the Union. They include: The Alliance Arab Cultural Society Council for Students with Disabilities International Students Association Womyn's Council
Council of Presidents, comprised of each collegiate unit’s President, the Chancellor, and senior University staff as designated by the Chancellor. COPs serves to insure unified and cooperative leadership in the University.
Security Checker System from Purdue University
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an error-monitoring strategy in writing for the organization of revising and editing activities. The strategy includes the following considerations: apitalization, verall appearance, unctuation, and pelling.
Computer Oracle and Password System - A computer network monitoring system for Unix machines. Software tool for checking security on shell scripts and C programs. Checks for security weaknesses and provides warnings.
(Computer Oracle Password and Security) This is known as the programs that are used to monitor various computer security vulnerabilities.
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The connecting crook of a harrow.
(Common Open Policy Service) protocol is used with RSVP and policy-based networking for the communication between a network device and an authoritative policy management entity. Typically, this is a policy server or call admission control server process. It defines the transport and formatting of data used in this communication.
Common Open Policy Services; a standard from the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) that describes how policy agents and servers exchange policy-related information.
An IETF query-response–based client/server protocol for supporting policy control. It addresses how servers and clients on a network exchange policy information, and it transmits information between a policy server and its clients, which are policy-aware devices such as switches.