Definitions for "Digital cross-connect system"
an electronic cross-connect that has access to lower-rate channels in higher-rate multiplexed signals and can electronically rearrange (cross-connect) those channels
A computerized facility allowing DS1 lines (1.544M bps) to be remapped electronically at the DS0 level (64K bps) meaning that DS0 channels can be individually rerouted and reconfigured into different DS1 lines.
A specialized type of high-speed data channel switch. It differs from a normal voice switch, which switches transmission paths in response to dialing instructions. In a digital cross-connect system, you give it separate and specific instructions to connect this line to that. These instructions are given independently of any calls that might flow over the system. This contrasts with a normal voice switching in which switching instructions and conversations go together. Commands to a digital cross-connect system can be given by an operator at a console or can be programmed to switch at certain times. For example, you might want to change the T1 24-voice conversation circuit to Chicago at 11:00 a.m. each day to allow for the president's 30-minute video conference call.
Keywords:  dax, pronounced, patch, analog, panels
Pronounced "dax;" a digital version of or replacement for the analog data center patch panels.