Definitions for "DACS"
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Describing Archives: a Content Standard, published and officially endorsed by the Society of American Archivists as an output-neutral content standard for archival description.
Describing Archives: A Content Standard (Chicago, Ill.: Society of American Archivists, 2004). A product of the CUSTARD project (Canadian-U.S. Task Force on Archival Description), and funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities, designed to facilitate consistent, appropriate, and self-explanatory description of archival materials and creators of archival materials. It can be applied to all types of material at all levels of description. Examples of the application of the rules are provided for two widely used structure standards, MARC 21 and Encoded Archival Description (EAD). The volume consists of three parts: "Describing Archival Materials," "Describing Creators," and "Forms of Names." Separate sections discuss levels of description and the importance of access points to the retrieval of descriptions. Appendices include a glossary, list of companion standards, and crosswalks to APPM, ISAD(G), ISAAR(CPF), MARC 21, and EAD.
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Digital Access & Cross-Connect System. A digital cross-connect device for routing lines among multiple ports. The connections are typically set up in advance of the call.
Digital access and cross-connect system; a digital switching device for routing T-1 lines and possibly DS-0 portions of lines, among multiple T-1 ports
Danger Area Crossing Service.
Deportable Alien Control System
Divert and Attitude Control System
Database of Admissions Curricula and Students
Defense Ammunition Center and School
Data and Analysis Center for Software
Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (Florida)