Definitions for "Desiccation"
Drying up via evaporation, drainage, or outflow of water. This may result from reduced inflow or runoff or increased outflow or abstraction.
The removal of moisture. Most amphibians will die of desiccation if not provided with the proper degree of moisture in their environments. In terms of amphibians, desiccation can be used interchangeably with dehydration.
the process of extracting moisture
"a method of preserving organic material by the removal of its water content. Cells and tissues can be preserved by desiccation after lowering the samples to freezing temperatures; thereafter they can be stored at room temperature" (171).
to remove all the water from something
dryness resulting from the removal of water.
Stopping the blood flow from a discrete bleeder using electrical energy.
Operation eliminating the dampness in the body of the cork
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The act of desiccating, or the state of being desiccated.