Definitions for "Cruise ship"
Keywords:  resort, floats, afloat, hotel, spas
a city at sea
a city in itself
a convenient, and self-contained atmosphere that can increase attendance and keep costs down
a passenger ship used commercially for pleasure cruises
a microcosm of the culture it serves - so if our ships are
a passenger ship that is designed, built, and used only for short term pleasure cruises
a stirring business and studying more about it can be very profitable
a stirring industry and studying more about it is quite valuable
a great family environment Nearly every cruise line offers special programs and accommodations to families, and some even specialize in entire cruises designed completely around the needs and wants of a family
a great place to make new friends, because everyone's so friendly
a great place to use mobile gadgetry because space on-board is at a premium
a perfect location for a memorable wedding
a wonderful industry and learning more about it can be very fruitful