Definitions for "Crossbreeding"
Mating animals from genetically diverse groups (i.e., breeds) within a species.
mating of animals of different species or subspecies that produces mixed offspring.
Mating individuals of different breeds. Thus making a non showable rabbit.
a wizard's full guide to creating his own magical beasts, much like the Chimera, Manticore, etc
Keywords:  'kros, 'bred, huge, traits, white
('kros-"brEd, -'brEd) — Combining two plants with different traits, with the aim of producing a new plant, with both traits. For instance, a plant with white flowers and small leaves and a plant with huge, bright green leaves and no flowers could be crossbred to produce a plant with white flowers and huge, green leaves.
reproduction by parents of different races (especially by white and non-white persons)