Definitions for "Breeder"
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Someone who breeds dogs; causes to reproduce, especially by controlled mating and selection.
a person who breeds animals
a lifetime resource for you and your dog
One who, or that which, breeds, produces, brings up, etc.
A person who raises a special breed/variety or varieties of rabbits in conformity with the accepted standards of perfection.
(1) Anyone who raises a special variety or varieties of rabbits or cavies which comply with their accepted Standard of Perfection. (2) A rabbit used primarily to produce offspring.
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Breeder is a progressive house production and DJ duo consisting of Simon Noble and Rowan Blades. They have performed remix work for Robert Miles, Orbital, and others. They have also released such popular singles as "Tyrantantic".
A word used to disparage heterosexuals.
A derogatory term used to identify anyone who has, or wishes to have children.
a derogatory term for a heterosexual, bisexual, or, rarely, any queer who wishes to have children
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Refers to a crappy parent. We'd rather not lump all parents together and make even the good ones look bad. So when we encounter a crappy parent, we call them a “breeder” (the opposite is “parent”).
a singleton object which is responsible for the breeding process during the course of an evolutionary run
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cow mature enough to be used for breeding.
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One who is instrumental in the birth of any species Tell me more
an operator that can process individuals in an evolution at the individual level
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a person that has been in business for several years and raises his or her own stock
A person who breeds horses for a living
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A cause.