Definitions for "Cot"
Commitment of traders report published by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC ) Counter Currency- The second currency in a currency pair.
Commitments of Traders. COT is a group of statistics published by the government (at listing current contract commitments among various futures market participants. OmniTrader's COT feature provides two types of information: Net Longs and (calculated) COT index.
See Commitments of Traders Report.
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A small house; a cottage or hut.
A pen, coop, or like shelter for small domestic animals, as for sheep or pigeons; a cote.
A small, rudely-formed boat.
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Alternative french name for Malbec grape. (See below).
The local name of the grape malbec in Bordeaux, France.
Central Office Terminal
Central Outer Tracker- the main Run II tracking chamber. It provides stereo position measurement of charged particle tracks. The curvature of each track, due to the magnetic field from the surrounding superconducting solenoid magnet, allows us to measure the momentum of each charged particle.
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Committee on Toxicity (GBR)
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Chain of Trust. A term used in the HIPAA Security NPRM for a pattern of agreements that extend protection of health care data by requiring that each covered entity that shares health care data with another entity require that entity provide protections comparable to those provided by the covered entity, and that entity, in turn, require that any other entities with which it shares the data satisfy the same requirements.
Continuity Test Message
See Care-of Test.
Continuity Test. Requirement of the SS7 protocol specifications. It tests the bearer channels' status using either loopback or tone detection and generation. Used to test individual DS0 channels via either loopback or tone detection and generation.
The stretcher-like carrier used to remove deceased persons from the place of death to the funeral home.
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A cover or sheath; as, a roller cot (the clothing of a drawing roller in a spinning frame); a cot for a sore finger. See also finger cot.
a sheath worn to protect a finger
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At the coast
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Chip on Tab construction process
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cargo oil tank
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Cloud Optical Thickness