Definitions for "Corporate culture"
The values of a company actively practiced by the behavior of its management and employees.
The beliefs, values and practices adopted by an organization that directly influence employee conduct and behavior.
Up until the 1980s, companies had only one aim: to expand and maximize profits. Market saturation then forced companies to think about other aspects, such as corporate culture, which is made up of various and sundry elements. What is the corporate philosophy, how does the company communicate with its partners, the media, and its employees? Developing corporate culture was regarded as the way to examine how employees felt at work.
Popularized in the early 1980's by a book of the same title, this term means the values, the assumptions, the organization's "legends" and heroes, the rituals and folklore that exist in most organizations and get passed along from one person to the next by example or word of mouth.
"the inner rites, rituals, heroes, and values of a firm"
the values of an organization, frequently expressed as behaviors that are incented and rewarded. For example, some investment banks in the early 80's promoted individual initiative (versus team work) through practices such as putting several people into one position: the person who out-performed his/her peers got to keep that position--until the next round of candidates was hired to challenge the survivor. View records related to this term
a set of behaviors and rules that people use to manage their interactions
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an organic, living thing
a tricky thing to develop and sustain
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a living, breathing part of your company