Definitions for "Coroplast"
A corrugated plastic material most often used for "yard" signs. 10 mil coroplast is the thick coroplast used for large coroplast signs because it is more rigid. 4 mil is the standard thickness commonly used for yard signs. Every politician's sign you've ever seen in someone's front yard is made of 4 mil coroplast. Lexan Lexan polycarbonate is one of the most widely known "plastics". Lexan sheet with its unique combination of high impact strength, flame retardancy, and thermoformability makes it ideally suited for security applications. No other plastic can match Lexan's combination of light transmittance (clarity), and the ability to withstand extreme impact. Source:
Plasticized cardboard that works great for homebuilt recumbent fairings.
Corrugated sheet of plastic similar in structure to cardboard.