Definitions for "Shrink Wrapping"
Plastic film that shrinks when heated, producing a tight, neat fit; the most popular form of grocery store meat packaging is PVC wrapping with foam trays.
Probably the most common of all packaging methods, shrink wrapping is accomplished by trimming a piece of shrinkable film around an object, and then sending it through a heat "tunnel" which "shrinks" the film to conform to the exact size of an outer box or product. This is a tamper resistant covering that is very common at the retail level on products such as gift sets, software, and games, to name a few. The gloss effect created by the film tends to give a product or box a richer appearance. ( Find out more)
Method of packing printed products by surrounding them with plastic, then shrinking by heat
For a workspace, the operation of decreasing its extent, yet with its borders still outside those items upon the workspace that are farthest apart vertically and horizontally.