Definitions for "corkscrew "
An inversion where a vertical loop has been stretched laterally, so the track resembles a corkscrew. Also (confusingly), the term used to describe an in-line twist that occurs on a Vekoma flying coaster, plus Pinfari's term for a rollover on their inverted coasters.
Back drop, 1 1/2 twist to back drop
A move starting on the back, 1/2 Front Somersault With 1 1/2 Twists To back.
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An instrument with a screw or a steel spiral for drawing corks from bottles.
shaped like a corkscrew; spiral; helical.
The earliest ones, usually of steel, were made around 1600, and are now very rare. Much more common are silver handled ones, produced in Birmingham, England, from about 1775, and imported in large quantities for the rapidly growing American middle class. Many were fitted with a brush for cleaning the labels in the dusty cellar. The nineteenth century saw a huge proliferation of corkscrews whose handles were made in almost every metal in forms that ranged from the beautiful through the curious to the obscene.
A term to describe any tight, sideways-rotating turn trick in the halfpipe.
A term used to describe a very fast and tightly performed rotation, either free riding or in the halfpipe. A term used to describe any rotation which is off-axis.
Sideways rotation.
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Corkscrew allows you to tunnel SSH sessions through an HTTP proxy using an SSH client like OpenSSH.
Corkscrew enables the user to run SSH connections over most HTTP and HTTPS proxy servers. Due to SSH features such as port forwarding, this can allow many types of services to be run safely over the SSH via HTTP connections.
Corkscrew are a alternative rock band from Malta. The lineup of the band is Diane Micallef on vocals, Lincoln Spiteri on guitars and synth programming, Ronald Grech (Rex) on bass, and Franco Aloisio on drums.
Corkscrew is a mutant in Marvel Comics associated with X-Statix. He was created by Peter Milligan and Mike Allred, and made his first (and only) appearance in X-Statix #1.
Llike a hammer throw but the frisbee is held in a backhand grip rather than a forehand grip, so the frisbee flattens out and curves the opposite way from the hammer. (see "hammer")
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A fakie bio 540 degree turn.
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A basic poi move. see Corkscrew
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To press forward in a winding way; as, to corkscrew one's way through a crowd.
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See Types of Elements.