Definitions for "Compartmentalization"
In trees: the processes that result in isolation of wounded or diseased xylem from normal xylem by the formation of chemically and anatomically specialized tissue around the damaged zone. ( 21)
In biology, compartmentalization is the method intracellular organelles use to isolate different conditions from other organelles. For example, mitochondria and lysosomes are bounded with membranes. Within the membrane-bound compartments, different intracellular pH, different enzyme systems, and other differences are isolated.
Compartmentalization in computer science may refer to computer program design techniques that divide different functions into different files, classes, or otherwise isolated stretches of code. Abstraction is a similar programming concept. It may also refer to run-time protection, in which running programs are isolated from each other by various barriers including limitations imposed by the executing hardware, the kernel or calling code, or devices on the network.
A process of separating parts of the self from awareness of other parts and behaving as if one had separate sets of values.
Separating a system into parts with distinct boundaries, with simple, well-defined interfaces. The basic idea is that of containment-- if one part is compromised, perhaps the extent of the damage can be limited. See Also: Jail, chroot
the restriction of information flow between different parts of an organization. Compartmentalization is widely employed in the military in order to make operations, especially secret ones, more resistant to penetration and exposure. See also, need-to-know basis.
In structures, such as land-based buildings, traffic tunnels, ships, aerospace vehicles, or submarines, compartmentalization is the fundamental basis and aim of passive fire protection.
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a mild state of dissociation
the integration of mental contents, but only within an arbitrarily delimited square or compartment
The existence of boundaries within an organism beyond which a specific clone of cells will never extend during development.
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Natural process of defense in trees by which they wall off decay in the wood.
the act of distributing things into classes or categories of the same type