Definitions for "Compromised"
Keywords:  mixtape, haeri, juxtaposes, chrono, duo
Compromised is a hip-hop production duo consisting of Ali Haeri and Stephen Ip based out of Los Angeles, California. The two best friends have known one another since the third grade, but did not start working on music together until Haeri's second year in college. After a year of fine-tuning their talent, they burst on the internet scene in October of 2005 with the well-received Chrono Trigger Mixtape Vol. 1, a semi-parody collection that juxtaposes the symphonic score of the video game Chrono Trigger with popular hip hop songs.
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Said of a resource whose security attributes are not adequately protected. See Security Attributes: Authenticity, Integrity, Confidentiality .
Keywords:  uncovered, secret, remain, agent, asset
When an operation, asset, or agent is uncovered and cannot remain secret.