Definitions for "Common Application"
Refers to the application of either the deductible, shared expenses coinsurance), or both in a preferred provider or point-of-service plan. Medical expenses are applied to a single deductible or coinsurance amount resulting in less potential out-of-pocket expenses than if applied separately
a single application form that can be submitted to a number of participating schools
This is used by as many as 200 colleges and universities. The student completes one common application and then mails copies to whichever colleges he or she chooses from the list of participating schools. This application can be downloaded from the Internet at
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a ZIP CODE lookup, where the agent types in a ZIP code and the Realtime link looks it up in a table and pulls in the CITY and STATE
a "waisindex", which is often available via gopher or web servers
a particular remote sink, such as a particular on behalf of bathroom within an office building or else a particular service station
a point-and-click map that enables the user to find out information about a particular area or building
a conveyor belt on which objects to be imaged are of variable or unknown dimensions