Definitions for "Chocolaty"
A term used to describe and grade coffee. It is an aromatic aftertaste of unsweetened chocolate or vanilla.
A common aromatic sensation in a brew's aftertaste, reminiscent of unsweetened chocolate or vanilla.
An aromatic sensation created by a moderately volatile set of pyrazine compounds found in coffee's aftertaste that produce sensations reminiscent of unsweetened chocolate of vanilla.
A term used to describe the flavor of certain fine Darjeelings, a slightly toasty flavor similar to that of some Keemuns.
A desirable flavor quality of fine Darjeelings.
The tweeter and/or the midrange contains extracts from the coco bean. Makes everything sound better and doubles as potpourri. High WAF.
the smell of chocolate that comes from fermented, roasted, ground cocoa beans mixed with sugar (cocoa is not as rich because part of its fat is extracted by pressing). Many of the same compounds are found in both coffee and cocoa, like thiazoles and dimethylprazine, which contribute largely to their aromas (Lenoir 19) (Cafe Valverde is noted for its excellent hints of chocolate!).
A flavour found in sweeter style red wines in Australia and South Africa.