Definitions for "Child object"
An object, either a widget or screen, that has been copied from a repository to an application screen. It has an inheritance relationship with the parent object in the repository, so that if any changes are made to the parent, they also affect any children of that parent.
a device or service that has a dependency on a parent device or Free Web Sudoku Puzzles
An object that is the immediate subordinate of another object in a hierarchy. A child object can have only one immediate superior, or parent, object. In Active Directory, the schema determines what classes of objects can be child objects of what other classes of objects. Depending on its class, a child object can also be the parent of other objects. See also object; parent object.
Related curriculum items, associated to each other in the database. (for example, a series of labs, modules, and exams roll up to a course). The items are all cataloged separately, and can be downloaded individually, or as a group.