Definitions for "Cha"
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Tea; -- the Chinese (Mandarin) name, used generally in early works of travel, and now for a kind of rolled tea used in Central Asia.
Romanized spelling of Chinese and Japanese character which defines the word tea.
spelling of the Chinese and Japanese characters for tea
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Cha is a common family name in Korea. The Yeonan Cha clan is the only clan. The founding ancestor was Cha Hyo-jeon, son of Yu Cha-dal (10th century AD).
This is an old term that you may still occasionally hear, Background peope used to be called Chas. These are the people that work quietly, unnoticed in the background, setting up things, taking them down, and making sure agape gets where it's supposed to be. They stay at the weekend the entire time.
Cha aka Chanoir is a graffiti artist based in Barcelona, Spain. He was born in Bogotá and raised in Paris where he began his graffiti. He is best known for his eponymous cat character, Cha.
Chemical hybridising agent. Chemicals which cause pollen abortion and render the treated plants male sterile while not affecting ovule fertility.
(Chemical Hamiltonian Approach) excludes BSSE effects from wavefunction w/ BSSE free Hamiltonian.
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Community Health Aide
Canada Health Act. The Canada Health Act received Royal Assent on April 17, 1984, with the unanimous support of the House of Commons and the Senate. The Act, which replaced the Hospital Insurance and Diagnostic Services Act (1957) and the Medical Care Act (1968), sets out the national standards that the provincial and territorial health insurance plans must meet in order to receive the full federal cash contribution under the Canada Health and Social Transfer (CHST). The health portion of the CHST was replaced by the Canada Health Transfer effective April 1, 2004.
Community Health Advisor
of (chuo Kikuu cha Pennsylvania University of Pennsylvania)
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Abbreviation for the Charlotte Hornets
Chicago Housing Authority, owner and operator of public housing in Chicago. More Info
Competent Harbour Authority – a Harbour Authority that has responsibility for the provision of pilotage services
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A term of disparagement.
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College Hockey America.
Chapman College
Charisma. The attribute that determines attractiveness and persuasiveness.
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cab, heat, air
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Purpose Twin
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charisma, often used as one of your character stats
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Corridor H Alternatives
Enclosed ab equipped with eat and ir conditioning.
Charisma. One of six scores that represents a characters abilities in the game.