Definitions for "Centimorgan"
Unit of measurement for studying genetics. One centimorgan is equivalent to a 0.01 chance that a particular genetic location (locus) will be separate from a particular marker in a single generation. In humans a centimorgan is about 1 million base pairs.
A unit used to express distances on a genetic map. In genetic mapping, distances between markers are determined by measuring the rate of meoitic recombination between them, which increases proportionately with the distance separating them. A cM is defined as the length of an interval in which there is a 1% probability of recombination. On the average, 1 cM is roughly equivalent to 1 megabase (Mb) of DNA, although this can vary widely due to hot and cold spots of recombination.
A measure of the frequency of genetic recombination. A centimorgan is a unit of genetic mapping equal to 1% crossover of genes between homologous chromosomes as established by genetic studies.