Definitions for "Ceilidh"
Keywords:  gaelic, kay, scottish, lee, dance
kayl lee] literally, gossiping, visiting; but usually meaning a social gathering with music and dancing
(Pronounced KAY-LEE) The Ceilidh was the centre of the social life of the old Highland community. The word translates from the Gaelic "visitor or social gathering". In some parts of the Hebrides, the old type of Ceilidh was still being held until the beginning of this century. The Highlanders would gather at a favoured cottage, usually one of the more well-to-do residents or the local landlord. There played the fiddle, some singing, dancing, food and drink, and the telling of tales. Most modern Ceilidhs are little more than concerts with a Scottish flavour, but the traditional form is fast returning.
Scots-Gaelic for "party," or "festival"
a great way to provide an enjoyable and memorable evening for you and your guests
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