Definitions for "CCD Sensor"
Keywords:  sensor, ligh, dslr, prosumer, webcam
n. CCD stands for "Charge-Coupled Device". CCD sensors are relatively sensitive and have very good signal-to-noise ratios. Found in many DSLR's and prosumer cameras, on-going development will see CCD's with higher resolution, better dynamic range and greater sensitivity. Disadvantages include high cost, high power requirements, and relatively slow operation due to the fact that the charge at each site must be read and digitised in a more or less serial manner. See also: CMOS sensor _______________________________________________________
a ligh-sensitive semiconductor device, which converts light particles (photons) to electrical charge (electrons)
A CCD-sensor plays the part of the human retina in a camera. In other words, it detects light impulses. Simple cameras use only one sensor, whereas professional cameras use three, one for each primary color: red, green and blue.