Definitions for "Cavities"
Keywords:  caries, dentin, tooth, enamel, decay
when acids decalcify the tooth enamel and disintegrates the dentin (the tissue layer under the enamel)
Decaying of teeth. Also known as caries.
Pitted areas in a tooth caused by caries (decay) ? Boron 1-2 tsp. ? Calcium 2 TBL am and pm ? Copper 2 TBL ? Magnesium 3 TBL am and pm ? Manganese 1 TBL ? Silver 1 TBL-Rinse mouth with the silver, hold in mouth for several seconds, then swallow ? Zinc 2 TBL
are the hollow sections of an injection mold which form the outside shape of a plastic part.
Cavities are natural surface indentations or nicks occurring outside the diamond and expanding towards the inside.
Number of impressions in the mold capable of molding apart per shot of material