Definitions for "Cash Advance Fee"
Keywords:  atm, moment, withdrawn, advance, grace
The fee or rate charged by credit card companies upon withdrawal of cash from your credit card account. The interest rate on a cash advance is often high, so cash advances can be expensive. Additionally, unlike a regular charge, cash advances are subject to this higher interest rate from the day you take the advance.
You can take actual cash from an ATM with your credit card for a fee. The fee can be a per-transaction fee or a percentage of the cash advance. Getting cash by using your credit card is entirely disadvantageous as the fees are relatively high and you are charged interest from the moment you withdraw the cash. Your card issuer may also from time to time send you checks which can also be thought of as a cash advance.
A fee charged for using your card to obtain cash. The fee will be a percentage of the transaction or a flat fee. Higher interest rates generally apply to cash advances.