Definitions for "Caltrop"
Keywords:  spike, cavalry, upward, weapon, thrown
An instrument with four iron points, so disposed that, any three of them being on the ground, the other projects upward. They are scattered on the ground where an enemy's cavalry are to pass, to impede their progress by endangering the horses' feet.
Sharp spikes, resembling ‘jacks' used to maim a horse. Robert the Bruce used them at Bannockburn, and there are references to spurs being used for this same purpose.
A four pointed metal spike that was thrown on the ground, always with one spike upright. Used against cavalry horses.
A genus of herbaceous plants (Tribulus) of the order Zygophylleæ, having a hard several-celled fruit, armed with stout spines, and resembling the military instrument of the same name. The species grow in warm countries, and are often very annoying to cattle.
tropical annual procumbent poisonous subshrub having fruit that splits into five spiny nutlets; serious pasture weed
a plant of the genus Trapa bearing spiny four-pronged edible nutlike fruits
An environment for building and executing actor/dataflow models, including support for the CAL actor language.