Definitions for "Breach Of Warranty"
The failure of the seller of real property to pass title as either expressed or implied by law in the conveyancing document.
An infraction of an agreement as to the quality, title, content or condition of a thing sold; may also be a failure to perform as promised.
When used in reference to an insurance applicant or policyowner, the result of making fraudulent statements or withholding information that causes an insurance company to assume a risk it would not otherwise insure. Misrepresentation by the policyowner as to a condition precedent to the issuance of the policy. (See also: condition precedent.) This act voids the policy. (See also: warranty.)
a breach of contract, for which the customer can demand a refund, and demand damages, and sue
(Lienholders Interest) Provides physical damage (hull) coverage by endorsement for a lender in the event that the insured invalidates or breaches the contract and the company would otherwise not be obligated to pay.
When a retailer/manufacturer fails to follow through with a promise or claim about a product.
Takes place when a seller fails to uphold a claim or promise about a product. The law expects companies to stand by their assertions and fulfill any obligations made to customers.
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A legal cause of action often arising when a seller makes false representations regarding his or her product or service
A seller's inability to pass clear title to a buyer.
Inability, on the part of the seller, to pass along clear title to a buyer.
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