Definitions for "Bottom Up"
An equity management style which places little emphasis on the significance o economic and market cycles and focuses instead on an analysis of individual stocks.
An investment strategy that builds portfolios of securities based on the characteristics of the securities themselves and not on the industry, sector or geographical region in which they are traded. The intention is to invest in securities that outperform their market regardless of industry and economic trends. Opposite of Top Down.
Building larger objects from smaller building blocks. Nanotechnology seeks to use atoms and molecules as those building blocks. The advantage of bottom-up design is that the covalent bonds holding together a single molecule are far stronger than the weak. [NTN] Mostly done by chemists, attempting to create structure by connecting molecules.
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A shade that is mounted at the bottom of the window and the cord draws the shade upward. Café Rod A small, round decorative rod that is used to mount tab-top curtains.
a method of organization in which details are presented first, and general conclusions presented last. Typical of scientific reports.