Definitions for "Botanical name"
(n) the name given to a plant according to internationally accepted rules in which a species is identified by two technical names, the genus and the species. Such names, also known as "species names" should always be either underlined or printed in italics and the first word, which always identifies the genus to which the species belongs, should be capitalized. (See also Linaean system).
The Latin scientific name of a plant is its botanical name. There is only one botanical name per plant so if you want a specific variety, use it's botanical name to be sure you're getting what you want.
Nom botanique botanische Bezeichnung Nombre botánico The name applied to a plant, animal or other organism, according to the rules of the Codes of Nomenclature. Although in some cases a scientific name will be changed, it is almost always a much more reliable manner of identifying a plant than the often var