Definitions for "BONDSMAN"
A fool who, having property of his own, undertakes to become responsible for that entrusted to another to a third. Philippe of Orleans wishing to appoint one of his favorites, a dissolute nobleman, to a high office, asked him what security he would be able to give. "I need no bondsmen," he replied, "for I can give you my word of honor." "And pray what may be the value of that?" inquired the amused Regent. "Monsieur, it is worth its weight in gold."
Clans can keep prisoners taken during combat. These are called Bondsman, and are considered members of the laborer caste unless and until the capturing Clan releases them or promotes them back to warrior status. A bondsman is held by honor, not by shackles. Custom dictates that even Bloodnamed warriors captured in combat be held for a time as a bondsman. All bondsman wear a woven bracelet called a Bondcord. The base color of the bondcord indicates to which Clan the individual is now bound, and the striping indicates which unit captured him.
a male bound to serve without wages
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A surety; one who is bound, or who gives security, for another.
someone who signs a bond as surety for someone else
(also Bail Bondsman) a licensed person or person working for a licensed company, who will post bond for a defendant upon payment of a fee. The fee is generally fifteen per cent (15%) of the bond.
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A slave; a villain; a serf; a bondman.
a male slave
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a person who will vouch for or be liable for a sum of money if a person fails to appear in court