Definitions for "BOMA"
Keywords:  homestead, kenya, fence, herd, lodge
A fence or enclosure made of wooden posts, traditionally used for herding cattle but nowdays commonly used at safari lodges to shelter an area where guests can sit outside.
homestead/fenced area where animals are kept
a thornbush enclosure to pen cattle or protect temporary encampments among the tribes of the Tamburure.
The port town of Boma (1984 pop. 197,617) in Bas-Congo was the capital city of the Belgian Congo (the modern Democratic Republic of the Congo) from 1 May 1886 to 1926, when it was moved to Léopoldville (since renamed Kinshasa). A port and railhead for Tshela, it exports tropical timber, bananas, cacao, and palm products.
Building and Office Manager's Association. National organization of more than 4,000 professionals in the high-rise office building industry, with 80 local BOMA associations.
Building Owners & Managers Association, International
Building Operators and Management Association