Definitions for "Bean Threads"
Keywords:  mung, noodle, cellophane, stir, soak
also known as vermicelli, they come in thin noodle and broad tape varieties. They are great for fillings, soups, as well as stir fries, and must be re-hydrated for use.
Also commonly referred to as long rice, fun see and cellophane noodles. These are fine dried noodles made from mung bean flour. Sold in packets. They should be soaked for 15 to 30 minutes in warm water before using in a recipe. They have a transparent look after being soaked.
Also called cellophane noodles or shining noodles. Popular throughout the Orient, these strands are made from mung beans. In the package, they look like nylon fishing line, but they turn transluscent and slippery when boiled. They also can be deep-fried