Definitions for "BCA"
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Burst Cutting Area, an annular area within the DVD disc hub where a bar code can be written for additional information such as serial numbers.
Short for burst cutting area. An area located near the centre of a DVD disc that is reserved for ID codes and manufacturing data. The BCA is imprinted as bar-code data.
Burst Cutting Area: a zone near the hub of a DVD reserved for a barcode that can be etched into the disc by a laser. Since barcode cutting is independent of the stamping process, each disc can have unique data recorded on it, such as a serialised ID. DVD readers can use the laser pickup head to read the BCA.
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Determines percent of body fat and percent of lean body tissue (lean body mass).
A BCA determines what percentage of your body is fat and what percentage is lean body mass (muscle).
British Cement Association is the trade association for the cement industry.
Baseball Coaches Association
Britain Cheerleading Association
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Basic Cabinet
Basic County Allocation; that part of a county's allocation from the total funds appropriated under s. 20.435 (7)(b), (i) and (o), Stats., for community aids that can be used broadly to pay for social services and services for mentally disabled persons; administered by DSL/DCFS.
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Boeing Commercial Airplanes
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Baycoop Advantage Limited
Bureau of Criminal Apprehension
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see Billiard Congress of America.
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Baseline Credit Assessment
The acronym for a software program called .Blackjack Count Analyzer.
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Bridge CA
Business Contract Administrator - A party or organization unit which provides legal consultation, manages and/or enforces a University contractual obligation.
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see bottle-conditioned ale
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Business Case Analysis
Benefit Cost Analysis
Building and Construction Authority