Definitions for "BARS "
Horizontal beams in the structure of a lock gate.
Long products that are rolled from billets. The two common categories are merchant bar and reinforcement bar (rebar). Merchant bars include rounds, flats, angles, squares and channels. These products are often further processed to produce a wide variety of products such as furniture, stair railing, farm equipment, etc. Reinforcement bars are used predominantly for reinforcing concrete structure such as highways, bridges and buildings. At our plant in Singapore, we only produce rounds ranging from 10mm to 32mm and reinforcement bars from 10mm to 50mm.
Thin strips separating the pane or panes of glass in a sash.
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A support structure found in the sole, starting at the heel and ending at the point of the frog.
part of the horse's mouth where no teeth are situated
In the horse's mouth, the fleshy area between the front and back teeth, where the bit rests.
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Currency worth 1000 Scrip. Also referred to as chunk or heavy metal.
Bars are the second tier of money in the Auto Assault universe. Any one kilo bar of pure refined metal is one bar, and one bar is worth one thousand scrip. Also referred to as chunk or heavy metal.
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Bars are a common symbol you'll see on many slot machines. It is usually a rectangular shape with the word BAR printed on it. There are usually single, double, and triple bar symbols on the reel.
A winning spin on a slot machine. Three bars is usually a pretty good payout. Load it up with quarters or dollars and the payout is even more. A sure sign is blinking lights loud ringing noises and the clatter of coins hitting the slot tray
colour bars are used to test video signal, to make sure the colours are true and/or match the bars generated from other sources (cameras, control room, video feeds).
Behaviourally Anchored Rating Scales (BARS) deal with measurable behaviours, not personality.
Behaviorally anchored rating scale. An appraisal that requires raters list important dimensions of a particular job and collect information regarding the critical behaviors that distinguish between successful and unsuccessful performance. These critical behaviors are then categorized and appointed a numerical value which is used as the basis for rating performance.
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large masses of sand or earth, formed by the surge of the sea; they are mostly found at the entrances of great rivers or havens, and often render navigation extremely dangerous.
Ribs of metal or wood placed across the flask to help support the sand in the cope. See Cope.
BARS is a Perl script for collecting statistics and creating reports about visits to several Web sites on one server from different networks. It is run daily by cron-logrotate, and creates HTML reports.
The Biodiversity Action and Reporting System
gymnastic apparatus consisting of two parallel wooden bars supported on uprights
Billing and Accounts Receivable System. RF computer system used to track accounts receivable and payable for each project.
The Bursar Accounts Receivable System is a system used to track student billing, payments, and refunds.
Bounded Rationality Bulletin
Special devices mounted on container doors to provide a watertight locking.
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Used to steer your bike.
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See Pallet wood.
Security bars installed on windows to prevent break-ins.
Security against break-ins when placed over windows
an established technique for measuring individual performance in a job