Definitions for "Stiffener"
A galvanized bushing used to strengthen tubing to fit in a leadpak coupling
A member used to strengthen a plate against lateral or local buckling. Usually a flat bar welded perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the member.
Plate welded to a member to increase strength of the web or to provide continuity at connections.
Interfacing such as crinoline or buckram used to stiffen handmade curtain, shade, or valance headings, tiebacks, or cornices.
A rigid or semi-rigid material that is bonded to a flex to facilitate component attachment. Typically made of polyimide or epoxy glass.
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One who, or that which, stiffens anything, as a piece of stiff cloth in a cravat.
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(or Heel Stiffener) See Counter
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material used for stiffening something