Definitions for "Bagger"
A motorcycle with touring accessories like saddlebags, top box, a trunk, etc.
In the general sense, a "bagger" refers to any motorcycle that has saddlebags; however, in conversation the term "bagger" is most often used in connection with large touring motorcycles.
A bagger is a motorcycle that has saddlebags attached to it.
a workman employed to pack things into containers
A retail clerk or associate who bags customers' purchases at the checkstand.
The employee who packs groceries into sacks to be carried home by the customer.
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one who always agrees to ride, party, gather, etc. but rarely shows. bag to fail to show. "Tom swore he'd be there but he bagged."
(slang) indicative of the length held, as in "five-bagger" (a five-card suit).
A string of strikes; i.e., five bagger is five in a row.
slang for a piece that will play anytime, usually during a slow season or at the last minute. “I’m doing three baggers—one on kids’ toys, one on holiday recipes, and one on department store Santas—before I take off for Christmas.” Other terms: on the shelf, in the can.
Shortened version of "sandbagger", someone who keeps their average artificially low in order to obtain a higher handicap than they deserve.
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Places product into plastic bags.
a machine for putting objects or substances into bags