Definitions for "ASM"
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Available Seat Mile. One seat flown one mile. An airliner with 100 passenger seats, flown a distance of 100 miles, represents 10,000 available seat miles (ASMs).
Available Seat Miles. (Air Transport Industry)—a measure of the airline seating capacity available for sale. Each ASM is one seat flown one mile.
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Automatic Shuffle Machine.
Association of Stress Management (Linked to IHP)
automated summary management. A Discoverer feature to simplify the process of summary creation and maintenance. ASM enables you to set a range of input parameters known as a summary policy for Discoverer to operate within. Discoverer will automatically create and maintain the best set of summaries according to the summary policy.
See American Society for Metals for association address information.
American Society for Microbiology
American Society for Metals, U.S.A.
Assistant Scout Master. The plural is ASM's.
Assistant Stage Manager
Assistant Scoutmaster
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Aerosol mass spectrometer
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Application Specific Memory. An integrated high-density memory and logic circuit which offers highly efficient performance and cost advantages in specific end-user applications.
Application Specific Module. A program, that when used in a directive, specifies the way that a set of files or directories is to be backed up and recovered.
See Application Specific Module.
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artisanal and small scale mining
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air-to-surface missile
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Academic Staff Member
Annual Survey of Manufacturers.
Annual Scientific Meeting