Definitions for "Anomalies"
Gastrointestinal Preoperative
Gastrointestinal Phenotype
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Gastroduodenal Oxalates
Objects detected by geophysical instruments that may be buried ordnance (unexploded or inert), debris, or ferrous rocks.
Anomalies deviations from the long-term mean.
A deviation from what is considered "normal" or "typical."
Deviations from the common or normal type
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an excellent example of visiting the sins of the fathers on the children, but it isn't God's fault as many wont to blame
Birth defects; abnormalities.
another name for birth defect. More properly, it is termed congenital anomaly in the case of our exstrophy patients, which implies a developmental defect that happened during fetal life.
Unexpected behaviors of spacecraft.
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irregular or different from the norm